The Waste Ending

A true change of perspective in which the waste will have to be rethought as a resource and not as a weight. Waste End means do not squander materials and it is a possible route. Through our sub-holding, Sostenya Group is developing a new project aimed to recycle and reuse waste materials.

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The project is called WastEnd: a pioneering plant, a unique center in its kind, which will come out waste and useful materials and where the waste will be disposed only if no longer recoverable. Waste materials must then be collected separately so that they can be valued and become useful materials for new processes.

Wastend is the key-project to make the circular economy theories come true: it will "close" the waste cycle and give life to the possible activities of the supply chain, like new companies starting up.

A recycling park, as an integral part of the project, where waste will be re-introduced into the production chain as secondary raw materials, which is material that can be reused in other contexts.

The Circular Economy Theory

Today's linear economic model (“take, make, dispose”) relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, and is a model that is reaching its physical limits.
A circular economy is a viable alternative that businesses have just started exploring today.
It is a continuous positive development cycle that preserves and enhances natural capital, optimises resource yields, and minimises system risks by managing finite stocks and renewable flows. It works effectively at every scale. (Ellen Macarthur Foundation) In the same way, waste management can work.


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