Pietro Colucci

Entrepreneur of the green economy

Pietro Colucci, Director of Sostenya Group Plc, is a reference point in the Green Economy industry, for his entrepreneurial spirit and simultaneously for his precise approach.

Pietro Colucci, Director of Sostenya Group: “Sostenya chooses to include social responsibility within its strategies and to operate in a sustainable, ethic and conscious way in order to create Shared Value with the stakeholders. We monitor their expectations and feedbacks for what we do in total transparency.”


For years he has been involved in several initiatives in order to bring his innovative and green approach to the Italian Economy. Pietro Colucci with Edo Ronchi, the former Italian Minister of Environment, are the authors of a book entitled “Vento a favore” and published in 2011. The publication is a reasoned interview and debate between two key role representatives of National Politics and Economy, who have been facing Italy’s difficulties in seriously considering the environmental issue and the absence of communication between the different political groups, in particular with respect to the Environment.

Sustainable Development Foundation

In collaboration with Ronchi, Pietro Colucci launched the Sustainable Development Foundation in 2008 in order to promote the development of the Green Economy in Italy. In 2012, Pietro Colucci, Edo Ronchi and the Environment Minister, Corrado Clini, were co-promoter of The States General of the Green Economy, a well-established event in the sector of the Green Economy.

The initiative has become a point of reference for thousands of enterprises and it has involved more than 6000 stakeholders between 2012 and 2015. Furthermore, Colucci is a major supporter of the “Zero Waste” world, encouraging the diffusion of the Circular Economy theories and trying to make it a concrete prospect through the WastEnd project. WastEnd, “the workshop of the future", takes part in a wider project and includes the construction of a recycling park in the Province of Turin where waste will be re-introduced into the production chain as secondary raw materials and reused in other contexts.

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