Sustainable development is the foundation of the business plan of Sostenya, the protagonist of a continuous improvement process to innovate and grow, through the intelligent use of natural and social resources

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethic as a Transversal Value

From the beginning, Sostenya decided to follow environmental and social sustainability values for its business. This was possible thanks to the strong will of the Group to combine a forward-looking strategy with a strong organizational management.

The Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential part of the decision-making process when our management team considers the different strategic choices The economic, social performances related to the activities of the group and the ongoing dialogue with the stakeholders play a fundamental role in the entrepreneurial vision. We use the Integrated Report of our sub holdings as a tool for controlling the corporate numbers and the impact that our activities have on the environment and community.

We are supporting a system that is extremely careful to the environmental issues through our slogan “The environment is culture”. With regard to the climate change and the protection of the environment and territory, we developed disclosure projects with digital tools, training and information programmes in the areas where we operate, as well as the promotion of Ecoteche, areas dedicated to environmental awareness inside the municipal libraries.

Our projects

In terms of social initiatives, our group is continuously involved in projects for training the internal resources. We support specific projects in the territories where we operate, such as the Gse Project and Energies for Society: we donated a photovoltaic and heating system to the Community of Betania, a non-profit foundation that helps unprivileged girls in Milan.

We assist a Schools Project that involves a theatre presentation aimed at primary school children, encouraging them to reflect on the issues of energy consumption and to stimulate them to a conscious use of the Earth Resources.

In 2013, we started the process to obtain the Social Responsibility Certification for the companies controlled by Sostenya Group and Kinexia Spa (now Gruppo Waste Italia Spa) awarded the IQNet SR10Certification from, becoming the first Italian company listed on the Stock Exchange to see recognized its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by an international body .

The guideline of our business model is to match the need to produce values and products for shareholders with a serious commitment in the social and environmental field through a continuous dialogue with the stakeholders. The projects undertaken over the last few years highlight the Group’ skill to orientate its economic development towards a sustainable view in line with its entrepreneurial vision.

Pietro Colucci, Director of Sostenya Group: “Sostenya chooses to include social responsibility within its strategies and to operate in a sustainable, ethic and conscious way in order to create Shared Value with the stakeholders. We monitor their expectations and feedbacks for what we do in total transparency.”

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