Renewable Energies

Renewable energies are the basis of green economy. 

renewable energies

They are forms of energy generated from particular natural resources that are able to replenish as quickly as we consume them or that are not exhaustible. They are alternative clean forms of energy, because their usage does not harm natural resources for future generations. Sostenya Group embraces four different business lines that refer to the same number of sources and production technologies: Photovoltaic, Wind, Bioenergy and district heating.

Areas Renewable Energies

  • Photovoltaic Energy

    Photovoltaic Energy

    The photovoltaic market is rapidly growing around the world.
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  • Wind Power

    Wind Power

    The wind power industry had a remarkable growth in recent years and the future forecasts show continued growth up to 30% per year
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  • District heating

    District heating

    Sale of electricity and heat and the design, implementation and management of power plants
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  • Bio Energies

    Bio Energies

    Sostenya Group pursues to develop industrial solutions able to contribute in the progressive track to a cleaner and sustainable world
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