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Sustainable development is the foundation of the business plan of Sostenya, the protagonist of a continuous improvement process to innovate and grow, through the intelligent use of natural and social resources

Mission and Vision

Circular Economy for Zero Impact Communities

The sustainable development is the core of the Group’s business plan and it becomes the starting point for an improvement process of innovation and economic growth, through the intelligent use of natural resources. Our aim is to help the communities to become "zero impact", creating integrated activities in the environmental and in the renewable energy sector thanks to concrete proposals.

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A huge entrepreneurial dream Our aim is to create integrated activities in the Environment and Renewable Energy industry through the combination of our entrepreneurial spirit with the strong management skills. We call it “environmentality”; it is an ambitious but concrete concept of enterprise. Our Sostenya Group is:

  • Based on innovation and research closely applied to business;
  • Recognised for its winning and scouting ideas;
  • Coherence with the requirements of a “Green Economy” providing services and infrastructures in favour of the environmental sustainability and in full respect of the rules.

Vision: foreseeing the future to act as a Leader

Sostenya aims to become a key player in the Italian and international market. We support the industry sector, providing concrete solutions to environmental problems and creating a new model of sustainable development in order to help the corporates to become “carbon free” and simultaneously reduce the consumptions and costs. To achieve these results, our Group has strong features:

  • Resilience: a cohesive core of people who can work despite the continued internal and external changes without compromising the values of the Group;
  • Durability: a business model that pursues the values but it is able to look to the future without losing sight of the daily challenges;
  • Leadership: being a reference point for stakeholders and a profitable investment opportunity for the capital market thanks to the quality of the projects and their implementation.

Our Values: Ethics, Transparency, Excellence

Environmental sustainability, honesty, fairness, transparency, moral and professional commitment and team spirit are the basis of every action and decision taken by our corporate, management and employees. These shared values are involved in everyone’s daily work.

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