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Sostenya entered the international market, introducing itself as a partner for major players in the Energy and Environment industry.


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In a few years of intense activity on the national territory Sostenya had a success story on key technologies and applications in the world of renewable energy. The changes in Italy have allowed us to focus the activity not only on the production of renewable energy, but also to evaluate and develop new lines of integration between energy production and environmental management, thus giving to the Group a full and comprehensive concept of sustainability.

Sostenya started the process of exploring international markets as a partner for major players in the energy and environmental sector in the southern Mediterranean, between Turkey and North Africa, the Middle East in the Arabian Gulf, dealing also with financial and technological contexts in the Far East (China in particular),in order to replicate the business model already used for cooperation and joint venture agreements, extending it to integrated interventions in the field of energy and environment.

In 2014 we started the office in central London as a base for international financial operations and as a bridge between the company and foreign markets.

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