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Diversify Sources to Enhance the Opportunities

The business model is based on the differentiation of sources in order to balance the risk linked to a sector that is strongly influenced by the legislation. Thanks to the diversification of energy supply sources, it is possible to have a ‘portfolio’ that allows to invest in the most attractive businesses. This model allowed the management to achieve important results and they are committed to replicate them in any other initiatives. 

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Compared to competitors, Sostenya covers the entire value chain in all sectors of interest. One of the few companies that, in the Italian market, works in both key sectors to pursue the sustainable development: energy and the environment. The Group has developed an integrated business plan that puts environmental sustainability at first place, transferring the successful experience gained by its management in the environmental sector to reach new developments in the field of renewable energy. Gathering the subsidiaries operating in the environmental sector, the new approach is to extend the concept of waste recovery, to the use as an energy source.

The Group has developed a business plan that puts sustainable development at first place, thanks to the close connection between the companies operating in the renewable energy sector and those operating in the environmental sector. Business decisions are constantly guided by a particular attention to all the stakeholders.
The periodic reporting of the impacts that the activity has on the environment allows the Company to propose and implement solutions with stakeholders, for the territory and populations of the areas in which the facilities are working. The philosophy of this way of doing business comes from the strong belief of the Group thinking the choices attentive to social and environmental issues are also economically successful.

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