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Mass and Energy Conservation

Biomass Energy

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Wind Power

Wind power: a continuously rising trend

The wind power industry had a remarkable growth in recent years and the future forecasts show continued growth up to 30% per year. Sostenya Group invested precisely in this direction through its subsidiaries with particular attention to the environmental impact and the harmonization of wind farm into the surrounding environment.

eolic energy

During the years, the corporate management of Sostenya Group gained successfull experience in the design and installation of wind power farms in some areas of Southern Italy that are particularly windy. In each project, the management works to find the most suitable technological solution in order to achieve the following goals: to guarantee the best performance of the plant and simultaneously to preserve the value of the Environment and reduce the environmental impact of the turbines and the necessary infrastructures.

Through the connection with the main research and development centres and the on-going dialogue with the stakeholders in the places where the plants are located, Sostenya set up innovative projects perfectly integrated in the Environment and in line with the Corporate Social Responsbaility

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