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Our Sub holding is a leading group in the field of waste management and environmental services. We are able to provide services for the collection, transportation, selection and treatment of waste materials from industrial and commercial activities. 
Our clients include small and large businesses that operate in different fields, but they are all looking for a reliable answer to their environmental needs. We are active in all sectors: food, retail, manufacturing, mechanical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, logistics, and transportation. We help our clients to manage properly waste and to reduce the environmental impact of their activities, through a progressive increase for materials recovered. Thanks to our network, we guarantee our customers the optimal management of waste covering the entire national territory and with whole respect of the rules.

Thanks to waste-to-energy plants, electrical and thermal energy is recovered from waste. This energy shows advantages for the environment because it saves primary energy resources and avoids the production of greenhouse gases generated by power plants that use fossil fuels. A part of municipal solid waste is transferred to dedicated plants and burned to produce electricity, making good use of waste that might have ended up in landfill.  This alternative fuel is the so-called RDF (Refuse-derived fuel).

We operate in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO14001 to ensure that we meet the needs of quality management system and simultaneously the need of stakeholders. All these steps are subject to strict procedures and controls to ensure an appropriate environmental management.

Waste Management

The company is involved in the entire waste management chain and focuses on reducing the environmental impact.

  • Collection

    Our sub-holding provides waste collection and transportation services with its own vehicles and equipment; in addition, it has established a network of preferred operators that are coordinated and managed by service centres, which offer brokerage services and sale of sites for waste disposal both within our landfills and in third party facilities. The collection activity is coordinated in seven operation centres or logistical sites. The operations are conducted through the large and diverse company’s vehicle fleet, which allows for customized, quick and efficient services. In particular, besides the normal equipment, the company relies on front loader equipment, roll-off containers and roll-off compactors to serve even small businesses with limited storage spaces.
    Our Company provides both small and large businesses with a wide range of services, sorting material when collecting waste straight at the location, adapting to the different needs and expectations of customers.
  • Sorting and Treatment

    Our major subsidiary is constantly focused on activities of research and development to deliver new technologies for waste recovery and recycling. The company is involved in the entire waste management chain and focuses on the primary objective of reducing the environmental impact, recovering and recycling landfill materials. The recoverable fractions of non-hazardous special waste are either mechanically or manually sorted in our trusted and up-to-date treatment plants established all over Italy, within a cost-effective strategy.Materials treated and recovered such as glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, discarded garments, tire and scrap tires, wood, etc. are taken to the factories to be made into new products.Inside the plant, the recovered fractions are divided by mechanical or manual selection and start towards specialized industries which allow, after appropriate treatment, reuse as MPS-Secondary Raw Materials (Paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wood, aggregates, tires, rubber, water, textiles, compost...) to re-enter the market in compliance with specific standards UNI for reuse. In some plants it is also produced the CSS, Solid Secondary Fuels.
    The energy produced is fed into the grid and sold to the manager of electrical services. In full adherence to our mission, we are constantly engaged in research and development of new plant technologies for the recovery and utilization of waste.
  • Disposal

    Waste that cannot be recycled is disposed in authorized landfills in line with the most recent environmental and safety standards. The landfill is, in Italy, the solution disposal by far the most used, particularly for special waste.
    The company operates its landfills and facilities near the waste collection plants.
    Our landfills also has dedicated facilities to the production of electrical energy: thanks to a biogas collection system, the product gas is used to generate electricity and thermal energy or biomethane (following purification treatment) to be employed in the home network.
  • Waste Valorisation

    The activities of selection and treatment have as its main purpose the development of the different materials that make up the "waste" by recycling or recovery of these and subsequent reuse in economic activities such as MPS.
    Part of the waste residues is transformed – in specific Waste plants – into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), primarily for industrial use (cement plants, rice mills, etc.) thanks to its high heating value. Depending on the cases, waste is processed in waste-to-energy plants where CSS is turned into electricity or heat.
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