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District Heating

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Mass and Energy Conservation

Biomass Energy

Waste and Organics: Two Sources of Clean Fuels

Energy Efficiency

Smart Project and Smart Network


Integrated Waste Management

Mass and Energy Conservation

Biomass Energy

Bio Methane and Energy Storage

Wind Power

Innovative Projects Perfectly Integrated

Energy Efficiency

Energy Performance Technology

We are specialize in offering 360-degree services in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies. Energy production, management and storage do not rely on big traders, thanks to avant-garde infrastructures and up-to-date competencies. We focus on finding a balance between a sustainable use of natural resources and the economic development.

energy efficiency

Together with a forward-thinking know-how in energy efficiency and green economy. We create solutions designed to improve energy efficiency in buildings, with the most advanced application of the Kyoto Protocol guidelines. The goal is to design tailored solutions for clients that start with operations aimed at reducing consumption costs, moving on to the optimisation and rationalisation of energy flows, using resources provided by the government to encourage energy efficient projects. Sostenya implements energy efficiency measures for private customers, businesses and public administrations. Acting as an ESCO (Energy Service Company) shares the objectives with the client-partner both in economic terms and in terms of the environment.

Social Energy Network

With the Smart Project, Sostenya is making a step forward. The Smart project is the concretization of company vision: an innovative network capable of integrating web and domotics and interconnecting hundreds of renewable energy producers-consumers. Innovation is granted by a complex hardware-software infrastructure, which brings renewable energy production plants and consumption devices online, both the domestic and industrial ones.

kWhs are exchanged within the info-energetic community, according to profit logics convenient to all its members: through the web, all the devices linked to the interconnection system (the so-called smart grid, or intelligent network) are self-managed, following efficiency principles. The data available on the web – such as weather forecasts and quotations of the electric stock exchange – can influence the dynamics for energy production, stock and cession. Everything is governed by a centralized management system that guarantees the best of performance.

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